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Benchmarks and insight on how big companies use social media, how they budget for it, organise internally – and track success

The third annual State of Corporate Social Media briefing

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Every statistic, benchmark and fact you need on corporate social media in 2013 – direct from hundreds of corporate practitioners

"The State of Corporate Social Media" is a free briefing from Useful Social Media on how large companies are using social media. It is based on responses to our annual survey – and this year we had over 900 respondents – so the date is more reliable and complete than ever before.

When you download your copy, you’ll get insight on:

  1. How companies are organising social media expertise internally: Insight on organisational models for the best adoption of social media across your whole business
  2. The current ways that large corporates leverage social: We look at marketing, customer service, reputational risk and much more
  3. Predictions for the year: How will corporate use of social media change and evolve over 2013?
  4. How much should you spend on your social strategy?: Some in-depth feedback on corporate social media budgets – and whether they’re increasing!
  5. How your peers measure social success: A look at the metrics and KPIs that large businesses use to track social impact

With over 5,000 words of analysis, and 30+ different charts and graphs, this is an invaluable piece of research for anyone working on social media for a large company.

Get 30+ pages of analysis, insight and trends on social media adoption – all from your corporate peers!

Just drop your details in our form on the right and we will send you the full State of Corporate Social Media 2013 Briefing. Downloading a copy guarantees you:

  1. 30+ pages-worth of analysis, charts, statistics and trends: Giving you insight into corporate social media - direct from your corporate peers
  2. Clear benchmarks and best practice: Compare your company to the 900+ businesses who responded to our survey
  3. A look into the future: Detailed insight into the future social media plans of worldwide businesses
  4. Insight into the differences between B2B and B2C social media adoption and opportunity

Of course, the briefing is entirely free - so while the ROI of social is still up for debate, the ROI on this report certainly isn't!

Any questions, please do get in touch with us.


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