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Briefings and Case Studies


2 case studies from
Siemens and Recycle Bank

Gamification cover

This briefing features:

  • An introduction to the new concept which is taking the marketing world by storm
  • A look at the future - how can you look to apply game dynamics in your marketing
  • Case studies with:
    • Siemans
    • Recycle Bank

6 case studies on social media best practice 2011

Whitepaper cover

This briefing features:

  • Stats on how many companies used social media in 2010
  • Article on what companies are using social media for – and what they get out of it
  • 14 best practice tips
  • Case studies with:
    • Air France
    • Citi
    • Disney
    • Hertz
    • Sprint
    • Coca Cola

The State of Corporate Social Media 2011

State of CSM cover

This briefing features:

  • Insight from 100+ corporate practitioners into how they use social media today
  • Stats and facts on budgets, resource allocation – and future plans
  • A special focus on the differences between the USA and Europe
  • 30+ charts, 30+ pages of insight and analysis

7 case studies on social media best practice 2010

Whitepaper cover

This briefing features:

  • Investigation into how social media is changing marketing and communications
  • Essay on how corporate social media will evolve
  • Case studies with:
    • Dell
    • Disney
    • Ford
    • IBM
    • Intel
    • Pepsi
    • Starbuck


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