Discover the methods and metrics your company should use to measure its social media impact and ROI

Working out the ROI and impact of your social media activities are two of the most critical challenges you face. This 106-page intelligence report will provide you with the tools, methods, expert insight and company case studies that will help you decide how to effectively measure your company’s social media ROI.

The report will help you:

  • Prove the success of your social media campaigns - Through months of research and input from industry leaders, you will receive an exclusive scorecard that will help you present your social media success to your company's 'c-suite'
  • Make sure you are recording and measuring the things that count - You will receive expert insight and case studies on the many different ways of assessing your company's impact and ROI
  • Stay ahead of the competition - The report contains detailed analysis of how different industries utilise and measure their social media activities. Benchmark your company’s ROI and take advantage of potential opportunities that this report will highlight
  • Fully understand what initiatives are working and maintain your competitive edge - Learn how to pinpoint the metrics you should focus on to calculate success. Make sure you continue to do the things that work

With wide-ranging interviews from leading practitioners, this in-depth report yet is set to address the burning questions in social media today - and provide the answers you need to make strides in your social media strategy.

It includes:

  • The ultimate Useful Social Media scorecard for best practice measurement
  • Deep-rooted insights from brands from FMCG, Retail, Entertainment, Finance and Automotive
  • Detailed B2B and B2C case studies
  • Best practice benchmarking on measurement
  • Mistakes made by major brands in their social media campaigns and what they learnt

The report in numbers:

  • 106-pages of detailed analysis and social media intelligence
  • 20 interviews were conducted with corporate sustainability, community programme and ethical sourcing managers including the likes of; Siemens, Adobe, Hewlett Packard…
  • Contains analysis from an in-depth survey with over 250 corporate respondents sharing details, benchmarks and best practice
  • Features 30+ charts and infographs
  • The number 1 report to help you measure your social media impact and ROI

Featuring Contributions From Title
Whole Foods

Bill Tolany
Head of Integrated Media
Whole Foods


Tom Hoehn
Director, Interactive and Web Marketing

WWE Interactive Social Media

AT&T Inc

Chris Baccus
Executive Director - Digital & Social Media
AT&T Inc


Jakub Hrabovsky
Head - Web Relations


Maria Poveromo
Director - Social Media
Adobe Systems


Stefan Heeke
Director - Online Marketing

Hewlett Packard

Michael Procopio
Social Media Strategist
Hewlett Packard

Rainforest Alliance

Jennifer Bass (Vogel)
Senior Manager, Global Web Strategy
Rainforest Alliance


Beth LaPierre
Chief Listening Officer

Peer Reviewed By Title
Michael Brito

Michael Brito
VP, Social Media at Edelman Digital

troy janisch

Troy Janisch
Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing
American Family Insurance

Becky Carroll

Becky Carroll
Community Program Manager