June 15th — 16thThe Marriot Brooklyn Bridge • New York City

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Summit Agenda From 2014

The Corporate Social Media Summit Europe is a two day event that welcomes some of the world's biggest and most social brands. The senior-level speakers offer unrivalled insight into how social can drive your business growth & competitive advantage.

The agenda for CSMNY 2015 is currently being built and will be ready to view shortly – be the first to receive the new agenda, straight to your inbox, by clicking here. In the meantime, you can see the key topics and issues discussed at last year’s event, below:

Day 1 — Monday, June 16th 2014

Registration: 7:30am until 9.00am

Chairman's Address:

9:00am 9:15am

5 Non-Obvious Trends Changing Social Media In 2014

Rohit Bhargava Best Selling Author + Founder Influential Marketing Group

Opening Keynote:

9:15am 10:15am

Social in context: Weave Social into the Fabric of Your Company

70% of C-suite executives say social represents an opportunity to fundamentally transform their business for the better. But it’s a long, and challenging, journey. In this session, learn from CEOs and CMOs about how you can forge the right path - to embrace social at all levels of your business - and reap the rewards:

  • Develop a holistic social strategy: Embed social into your core business processes to understand your customer better, and facilitate deeper engagement
  • Drive business outcomes through enhanced flexibility, agility and innovation: Remove internal barriers and streamline communications to allow the sharing of resources, skills and knowledge
  • You in 2015: Understand how your role will evolve as social becomes a core component of your company’s wider business strategy

Speakers include:

Don Montanaro CEO Trade King

Bev Thorne CMO Century 21

Jeff Feldman Head of Adobe Social Strategy Adobe

Session Moderator: Rohit Bhargava

Customer-Centric Social Keynote:

10:15am 11:15am

Use customer intimacy to drive growth and competitive advantage

Social media has overturned the traditional business-customer relationship. As customers gain more power, their expectations keep rising and their tolerance keeps decreasing. Traditional customer engagement doesn’t work any more. So it’s unsurprising that 64% of CMO’s are striving to get rid of broad ‘target audiences’ and deal with customers as individuals. In this session, C-suite executives show you how making your customer the focal point of your social - and business strategy – is an essential for 2014:

  • The future of the social business is co-created: Ensure your customers help guide your business - use social to plug into customer behaviors to listen, analyze, innovate and respond
  • Heighten customer intimacy to build long-term customer loyalty: Enhance your company’s value and meaning through creating individualized and seamless customer experiences
  • Foster a customer-centric culture: Tactics to ensure your company understands individuals not just markets, and focuses on relationships as well as transactions

Speakers include:

Amir Weiss Head of Global eBusiness MetLife

Christopher Krohn Chief Marketing Officer and President Restaurant.com

Dave Evans VP Social Strategy Lithium

Session Moderator: Rohit Bhargava

11:15am 11:45am


11:45am 12:45pm

Internal Structure: Collaborate for a unified, efficient response

  • Be more agile: Tighten your cross-functional collaboration and accelerate internal communication to achieve real time customer response
  • Engage your internal partners: Map out your processes and procedures to ensure a holistic internal approach, as well as a unified external voice
  • Overcome conflicts of interest: Work in harmony across multiple departments to establish and achieve corporate goals quicker

Speakers include:

Linda Rutherford VP Communications and Strategic Outreach Southwest Airlines

Richard Margetic Director of Social Media Intuit

Erin Pepper Director of Guest Relations Le Pain Quotidien

Session Moderator: Kristin Muhlner, CEO, newBrandAnalytics

12:45pm 2:15pm


2:15pm 3:30pm

Social Data: Analyse your customer effectively for enlightening and actionable insight

  • Learn how to amalgamate, link and then process your wealth of social data to generate actionable insight which will positively influence future business decisions
  • Consolidate your social listening and data analytics processes to generate a 360 degree understanding of your consumer
  • Get ahead of the curve - discover ‘predictive analytics’: Effectively analyse your data sets in order to get an early read of things. Use this insight to direct and refine your strategy

Speakers include:

Katie Richman Director of SM strategy and Social Product Development ESPN

Toni Jones Social Media Director U-haul International

Natanya Anderson Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing Whole Foods

Jim Rudden CMO Spredfast

Sean Doherty Director of Digital and Social Media Engagement, NASCAR

Session Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

3:30pm 4:00pm


Track 1 - Customer Care

Track 2 - Social Marketing

4:00pm 5:00pm

Customer Support Structure: Adopt a framework to effectively identify, prioritize and resolve customer care issues

  • Real-time for real value: Streamline your internal communications and approval procedures to generate real-time insight, followed by a quick and authentic response
  • Ensure a holistic voice and strategy: Learn how to integrate social with traditional CRM platforms and customer care management for a comprehensive, pro-active customer-care approach
  • Preserve customer satisfaction and brand reputation: Discover how to prioritize and filter customer care issues to ensure you are able to respond in a swift, consistent and sustainable manner

Speakers include:

Josh March CEO Conversocial

Amy Heiss Global Program Manager for Social Media Training and Activation Dell

Session Moderator: Rohit Bhargava

Local Social: Use contextual awareness to drive relevancy and engage with local audiences

  • Get closer to your customer: Heighten your contextual understanding to enrich your connection with local markets and audiences
  • Maximize local opportunities: Establish structure and training that empowers local employees to identify trends, and act independently and efficiently to take the opportunity those trends offer
  • Same voice, different locations: As the geographical reach of your company increases, put the processes in place to ensure your local operations are still guided by your global brand voice and strategy

Speakers include:

Tanya Donnelly Global Social Media Director Schneider Electric

Tom Carusona Senior Director, Digital and Social Media Aramark

Dustin Manocha Global Leader Bazaarvoice Local Advocacy

Session Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

5:00pm 5:45pm

Customer Interaction: Enhance your customer relationships through an efficient yet human response

  • Become a 'trusted advisor', rather than a PR robot: humanise your relationship with customers, responding in a personable manner in order to build a genuine connection
  • Keep the conversation on social – develop a model which enables your team to share and publicise answers/advice through social channels, increasing efficiency and community engagement
  • Keep ahead of the curve by employing predictive communication alongside reactive and proactive communication. Utilise your social listening and data sets to forecast, and prepare for, potential issues or opportunities

Speakers include:

Emily Trayers Chief Operating Officer SayItSocial

Brian Roehrkasse Vice-President, External Communications BAE Systems

Session Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

Key influencers: Identify, engage and use brand influencers to enhance online engagement

  • Reach out to key influencers: Understand how to best identify, understand and reach key influencers so you can become a part of their conversation
  • Learn how to harness your influencers, using their voice to promote your brand and reputation
  • Listen and respond to your key influencers and include them in the social process – use them as ‘temperature gauges’ on potential products or campaigns for invaluable market insight

Speakers include:

Sagar Jethani Head of Global Content Premier Farnell

Emily McKhann Co-Founder The Motherhood

Session Moderator: Rohit Bhargava

5:45pm 6:00pm

Top Takeaway’s from Day One

Speakers include:

Jan Rezab CEO & Co-Founder Socialbakers

Top Takeaway’s from Day One

Speakers include:

Ben Farkas , Vice-President, Global Client Services Synthesio

6:00pm 7:30pm

Networking Drinks

Day 2 — Tuesday, June 17th 2014

Registration: 7:30am until 9.00am

Track 1 - B2C Social

Track 2 - B2B Social

09:00am 10:00am

Content Creation: Generate innovative, compelling and valuable content to stand out from the crowd

Internal Content Processes:

  • Identify and utilize your customers’ passion points to generate highly relevant and valuable content, ensuring it breaks through the noise and gets noticed
  • Learn to take a wealth of stories and information and turn this into ‘snackable’/easily consumable content that will trigger interest and engagement in your brand
  • Streamline your content creation processes, to ensure you are generating exciting and useful content in an efficient and sustainable way

Speakers include:

Lara Ruth VP – Content and Social Citi

Matt Gentile Social Media Director Century 21

Matthew Eby Vice President Marketing, Digital Division The Weather Company

Yazir Phelps Director of Client Services evolve24

Session Moderator: Glen Gilmore

Trigger brand engagement through targeted, creative and thought-provoking content

  • Only 9% of B2B marketers consider their use of content marketing as ‘very effective’. Be part of the 9%: Clearly define your target audience, identify what is of value to them, and design your content accordingly to maximize engagement
  • Know what you want to achieve, and how to achieve it: Clearly define your content strategy to ensure it is aligned with your overall business goals
  • Visual content is king: Learn how to leverage the power of video and photos to generate safe, shareable and engaging brand stories

Speakers include:

Jason Hill Director, Global Media Strategy GE

Amir Zonozi Chief Strategy Officer; SVP Social Media Zoomph

Marcia Lesser Director of Brand Strategy and Sales The Huffington Post

Marissa Pick Director of Social Media Euromoney Institutional Investor

Session Moderator: Rohit Bhargava

10:00am 11:00am

Content Distrubution: Move from brand to publisher to maximize awareness and engagement

  • Evaluate the way you are disseminating content. Ensure it is released at the right time, in the right way, through the right channels
  • Utilize visual and story-telling content to engage consumers and enhance your brand narrative - move beyond brand loyalty, to achieve brand affinity
  • Don’t just use your own content: Discover how to harness third-party and user- created content to connect with your audience and humanize your brand

Speakers include:

Jen Dominquini CMO Evite and BuySeasons

Paula Keve CCO Dow Jones

Joshua Palau Senior Director, Digital Communications Comcast

Gregory Shove CEO & Founder SocialChorus

Session Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

Use social media for lead cultivation and high-end networking to generate future business opportunities

  • Cross channel lead cultivation and qualified lead generation: Learn how to leverage social channels to reach out to a broader audience, heighten product awareness and generate new revenue streams
  • Internal training: Take advantage of the most effective and efficient new business winning asset - your staff. Motivate and equip your employees to be both brands advocates and introducers of business opportunities
  • Utilize social media for purposeful and efficient networking: Locate and engage high-level business decision-makers to generate new business opportunities

Speakers include:

Chris Smith Senior VP Enterprise Social Media Bank of America

Michael Idinopulos Chief Marketing Officer PeopleLinx

Michael Hertz Chief Marketing Officer White & Case

Session Moderator: Rohit Bhargava

11:00am 11:30am


11:30am 12:00pm

CASE STUDY: Protecting your Social Brand – Safeguarding the Sochi Olympics

Protecting your brand and mitigating risk to your social media marketing ROI is not only vital, but requires a combination of people, processes, and technology. Hear the experiences of NBC and Nextgate at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, as they heightened protection whilst driving engagement.

  • Manage enterprise risk: Protecting your social media channels is a team effort. Learn how to map your social media roles and responsibilities for effective risk management.
  • Mitigate fraud and abuse: The average enterprise has more than 300 social media accounts - automate continual auditing of your brand’s social infrastructure to maximize safety.
  • Create a safe environment for fans and followers to engage: Social spam increased 660% in 2013. Ensure you are equipped to top spam and account hacks, as well as mitigating risk to social marketing ROI through enforcing workflow, application and content-use policy.

Speakers include:

Devin Redmond Co-Founder & CEO NEXGATE

Lou Dubois Social Media Editor NBC News

Session Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

12:00pm 1:00pm

Internal Social: Engage employees, share expertise and trigger innovation

  • Inside out branding: Let your workforce enhance your brand image for you. Encourage and facilitate internal brand advocates to share their stories and enhance your external reputation
  • Tap into a wealth of internal knowledge and expertise: Utilize your employee social network to share best practices, detect internal talent and identify new opportunities
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration: Create an internal social infrastructure that fosters inter-departmental interaction and transparency

Speakers include:

Dan Lewis CCO Molson-Coors

Nathan Bricklin SVP Head of Wholesale Social Strategy Wells Fargo

Ulrik Bo Larsen CEO and Founder Falcon Social

Session Moderator: Glen Gilmore

1:00pm 2:15pm Lunch
2:15pm 3:15pm

Impact Measurement: Refine social performance to drive better results

  • Develop your own ‘Social Health Index’: Utilize company-specific performance metrics to generate effective ROI, as well as actionable performance insight
  • From clicks to cash: Ensure that you provide value for your company. Generate clear performance measurement to assess your social media efforts against your overall business goals
  • Clear performance insight for a stronger social culture: Be able to define the fruits of your labor to generate executive level buy-in, and a company that embraces social

Speakers include:

Leah Gentry Director, Content, Social & Design Sprint

Heather Oldani Senior Director of Communications McDonalds

Andrew Caravella Vice President Sprout Social

Session Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

3:15pm 3:45pm


3:45pm 4:30pm

What’s next? – Evaluate the social landscape to ensure you are proactive, innovative and always ahead of the curve

  • Keep your finger on the pulse: Keep up-to-date with new platforms and developments, to ensure you are not missing the next big thing, nor jumping on the next short-lived trend
  • Clarity is key: Employ tangible metrics alongside a clear social strategy to guage which platforms will help achieve your company’s aims
  • Embrace innovation: Social media is forever changing. Establish the processes and culture to ensure you are pro-active, and able to move quickly when opportunities arise

Speakers include:

Jen Lashua Editor in Chief Intel

Howard Lau CEO Attensity Group

Session Moderator: Glen Gilmore

04:30pm 04:45pm

op 10 Takeaways

After two days of learning, you're bound to feel a bit overloaded! This real time recap from the two days of conversation will share the Chairman's curated list of the top 15 takeaways from two days of conversation - and make it easy to share what you learned at the event with the rest of your team.

Rohit Bhargava Best Selling Author + Founder Influential Marketing Group

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