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Campaigns & Social Media

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This report will help you:

  • Build your company's reputation - with detailed insight from social media and CSR experts you'll receive proven tools and methods to build a reputation that will enhance your credibility and trust in the industry
  • Create a strategy that works both now and in the future - With detailed reflections on social media and how it affects corporations plus insight into the critical issues that lie ahead, you can create the strategy that works for you now and in the future
  • Be prepared - you will receive detailed case studies of how companies have responded to social media trends, giving you the ‘do's and don'ts' for your company
  • Discover how to respond if a crisis hits - you'll receive insight into the many different strategies that both company's and NGOs use when using social media
  • Safeguard your share price by discovering strategic communication methods that will help identify potential threats and avoid crises from escalating
  • Save money and time - this document has taken months and a lot of £££s to research, meaning you don't have to.
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How To Measure Your Social Media Impact and ROI

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This report will help you:

  • Prove the success of your social media campaigns - Through months of research and input from industry leaders, you will receive an exclusive scorecard that will help you present your social media success to your company's 'c-suite'
  • Make sure you are recording and measuring the things that count - You will receive expert insight and case studies on the many different ways of assessing your company's impact and ROI
  • Stay ahead of the competition - The report contains detailed analysis of how different industries utilise and measure their social media activities. Benchmark your company’s ROI and take advantage of potential opportunities that this report will highlight
  • Fully understand what initiatives are working and maintain your competitive edge - Learn how to pinpoint the metrics you should focus on to calculate success. Make sure you continue to do the things that work
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