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See our remaining 2012 events, and our full 2013 calendar below. Just fill in the form and we’ll update you on the conferences of your choice!

Remaining 2012 Conferences

The 2nd annual B2B Corporate Social Media Summit

Philadelphia, 9 – 10 October 2012

Embed social media throughout your company to maximise audience engagement, boost lead generation and create a better brand reputation

The 2nd annual Social Media For Customer Service Summit

New York, 23 – 24 October 2012

How to use social media to deliver improved customer service for brand loyalty, customer acquisition and reputation management

The 3rd annual Corporate Social Media Summit Europe

London, 6 – 7 November 2012

Embed social media across all business functions: Strengthen your brand, increase efficiency and see the return

Our 2013 Conference Calendar

Step One: Pick the most relevant conferences to you

The Customer Centricity Summit

Month: April

Location: USA

NEW CONFERENCE: Focused on one of the three key themes facing senior marketers in 2013, this conference will give you all the tools you need to know your customers better, put them at the centre of your decision making, and use the data you gather to do more targetted marketing

The 4th annual Corporate Social Media Summit

Month: June

Location: New York

The largest corporate conference on social media for business in the USA. Featuring 30+ senior corporate speakers and 250+ corporate attendees all contributing to 25+ in-depth, practical and interactive workshop sessions.

The 2nd annual Reputation Preservation and Crisis Communications Summit

Month: June

Location: New York

The second annual gathering of Chief Communications and Brand Officers to discuss reputation preservation and crisis communications for large business. Last year featured an unrivalled line-up of CCOs and VPs from companies like Alcoa, Dr Pepper Snapple, Caesars, Best Buy and AIG.

The 3rd annual Social Media for Customer Service Summit

Month: September

Location: New York

80% of companies plan on using social media for customer service by the end of 2012. And yet there is an awful lot more to do before we truly integrate social into CRM systems, get a full 30-degree for your consumers, and use social customer service for enhanced loyalty, customer retention and brand reputation. Learn from 25+ of the leading corporate players in the space at this third annual conference

The 3rd annual Corporate Social Media Summit West Coast

Month: October

Location: San Francisco

We’ve been running the Corporate Social Media Summit for three years on the West Coast. Same great senior speaker line-up, same 90%+ approval ratings, same hard-hitting, practically-applicable agenda - but in California!

The Accessible Consumer Summit

Month: October

Location: USA

NEW CONFERENCE: We’ve all heard of SoLoMo. We all know that nowadays, our customers are more accessible, over more media and channels, than ever before. It’s a huge opportunity. But the complexity inherent in this new environment means you need to learn how you can best leverage all these marketing channels for an effective, holistic strategy. Learn from 20+ leaders who have proven best practice - they’ve been there, and done that.

The 4th annual Corporate Social Media Summit Europe

Month: November

Location: London

The conference for the Europe-based Social Media Director. Covering every aspect of the role - from internal organisation, measurement, marketing best practice, governance, and much more. Come along for two days, meet 200+ peers, and leave with everything you need to take your social media to the next level.

The Death of Push Marketing Summit

Month: November

Location: USA

Mass marketing response rates are now lying at 2%, and dropping. Traditional marketing and consumer engagement doesn’t cut it any more. Nowadays, you’ve got to build long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with your customers. A robust content creation, management and distribution strategy is a fundamental part of the solution. But that’s not all. In this conference, we’ll give you all the skills and tools you need to retool your corporate strategy to allow you to move on from the death of push marketing.

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